Food for Thought

If every thought you've had so far today was written on the wall in Times Square for the world to read, would you be proud or ashamed?

Mose left the Amish faith on July 3, 2002. He has successfully owned and operated his own construction business for 5 years. In the summer of 2004 he was on the hit reality show, "Amish in the City".

As of Friday, Aug 13, 2010, Gingerich Home Improvement is officially closing its doors. We wish to thank all our valued customers we have had the pleasure to become acquainted with, some of which are face book friends. If you need any advice on who to get to replace me for your construction needs, please call me and I will give you the number of a highly recommended contractor. After my 2nd heat stroke of the summer and 4th in the last 2 summers, the doctor and myself felt it important to pursue a career in another field. Mose will be employed with Joe Machens Toyota in Columbia, Mo. selling cars as of Monday, Aug 16th.

If you wish to trade in or purchase any vehicle of any make, model, or size, please contact me and I will assist you in every way possible. I sell new Toyotas and Scions, but am qualified to sell used vehicles of every make or model.

Again, I enjoyed my time as a construction worker, but am excited to begin on this new opportunity in my life! Wish me luck.

You can contact me via email at my personal blog.

Try Quality, You May Like It...

With over 15 years of experience, Gingerich Home Improvement proudly claims to not only fulfill, but exceed the expectations of customers throughout mid-Missouri! Gingerich Home Improvement is owned by Mose J. Gingerich, and is located in Jefferson City, Missouri. Their goal is to bring you competitive pricing, a fast, smooth, well organized construction site where they're in, they're out, and they're on their way!

Gingerich Home Improvement is legally licensed and insured.

Gingerich Home Improvement strives to bring you fast, free quotes and bids within days, or possibly even hours after you first contact them! When you’re tired of unsteady new decks, sagging new garage doors, or cracking sheetrock in your newly built dream home, call Mose J. Gingerich. "Because Quality is where it's at"!

Our Products

We have a large variety of Amish, handcrafted wooden toys, puzzles, gadgets, and a variety of even larger outdoor furniture, porch swings, dog houses, mini barns, and lawn furniture of every kind! The items and indoor and outdoor furniture can be custom ordered by contacting us through our contact form to the left.

We also deliver and install the items that are too big to ship. The cost would be based on the distance we travel, and the size of the item we’re delivering and installing.

We pride ourselves in matching or beating the price of any and all of our competitors. If you need a product that will be here “til the cows come home ”contact us, remember, “try quality, you may like it.